“Vidya is confident about her sexuality” – Tusshar

His dad Jeetendra may have done countless movies with Rekha and though Tusshar never got a chance to share screen space with her, he feels that in the modern day world the void has been pretty much filled by Vidya Balan.

“Time and again when you put Bollywood heroines into the kind of role as seen in ‘The Dirty Picture’, results aren’t really up there. These girls end up making weird faces and it just don’t look natural. On the other hand in case of Vidya it is just different as this side of her personality comes across as so effortless. There aren’t many actresses out there who are so confident about their sexuality but Vidya is up there. In fact I remember seeing something like this only in case of Rekhaji when it comes to such a confident, yet natural act,” says Tusshar who has worked with Vidya for the first time in this Milan

Luthria directed film.

Today with the film being released and mighty appreciation coming in from all quarters around Vidya’s performance, Tusshar is glad that the actress has been a great value add to the film that has been produced by his sister Ekta Kapoor.

“Yes certainly, and the best part about Vidya none of her act is on your face,” says Tusshar, “When she turns raunchy, it is neither shocking nor vulgar, it is purely naughty. In fact personally for me too it was a revelation to see Vidya like this since earlier I had seen her only in roles where she had to play a traditional woman, like ‘Parineeta’, ‘Paa’ or ‘Lagey Raho Munnabhai’. I used to wonder that in a role like this would she be really convincing. However once I reached the sets, I saw Vidya in an altogether different light.”

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