Vijayalakshmi releases her affair with Seeman photos

Actress Vijayalakshmi has said that she has some ‘solid proof’ to prove that she and Seeman had been living together as a couple. The actress has said that she has as many as 700 proofs to prove her claim and has even gone ahead and released some photographs showing the two of them together(See Gallery). One of the photographs showed Vijayalakshmi’s mother putting a piece of cake into Seeman’s mouth.

A few weeks back, she complained openly that Seeman had cheated her after falling in love with her under the premise of marrying her. After a long gap, she has now revived the issue by releasing some photographs showing them together.

She said that “The complaint which I filed with the Police hasn’t been acted up on so far. I don’t know what’s brewing. I have as many as 700 proofs to show that we lived as a couple. We stayed in Madurai for 15 days as a couple. Seeman has just ‘thrown me out’ after living in my company for close to three years.”

No reaction has so far been heard from the Police as well as from Kollywood on Vijayalakshmi’s latest revelations.

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