Vishnu Priya not to act in any vulgar roles

Vishnu Priya is the actress from Kerala who is acting predominantly in Malayalam films and also in other south Indian languages including Tamil. At the moment this actress is doing the female role in “Udhaari” with actor Vinodh in the lead role. Shakthi Krishnan is the director of the film. When this heroine was shooting for this film, media tried to interview this actress and she said that she basically hails from Kerala and Malayalam is her mother tongue. The Malayalam movie in which this actress has performed is “Pen Pattinam”.

“Naanga”is the Tamil film in which Vishnu Priya has performed a lead role. Udhaari is the second film this heroine is doing in Tamil. She was residing in Bahrain and almost settled there, but her mother was keen that she should choose acting as her career. She says that it is because of her mother that she is there in the films today. Vishnu Priya was asked to opine about the other contemporary actresses like Nayantara and Asin.She however said that she likes Jyotika very much as an actress. She feels that Nayantara is using her glamour to attract the crowd. She also feels that such things are only short lived .An actress needs to use her acting skills more than glamour to sustain in the film industry for long.

Vishnu Priya is very strong with her value system as of now. She has made certain promises to herself like she will not wear any bikini dress for any movie and neither will she act in any scene that would involve any physical intimacy with the actor like kissing etc.She is totally against vulgar scenes. She however did not comment anything on the personal life of Nayantara – Prabhudeva which is in the air now. She says that is her personal life. She has a great liking for Tamil actors like Kamalahaasan, Rajnikanth, Surya, Ajith and Karthi. In the film Udhaari she is acting like an urban girl .This is a production Siddharth Movies and is directed by Balaji Prabhu.

All in all Vishnu Priya has made a wonderful decision of not to act in vulgar roles. We are really not sure how long she can withstand this competition holding on to her value system of not to perform any vulgar scene. Time will tell us!

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