Vivek Oberoi says he can’t wait to let go of his bachelor status

VIVEK Oberoi can’t stop grinning these days. October will see the release of Ram Gopal Varma’s Rakht Charitra, which is in two parts – they will release within a month of each other.
Then, of course, is his much publicised wedding to Priyanka Alva, a Bangalore girl. Vivek was all smiles when asked about Priyanka at a recent press conference on Rakht Charitra. “God and life have been very good to me. Things have been very nice of late. I am thrilled to be working with my mentor Ramu ji again. The role and story are fantastic. I am happy with my personal life too,” the actor said.

Won’t it be tough for him to handle his wedding preparations and the promotional activities of Rakht Charitra? “Not at all. Everything is well-managed,” Vivek says.

Well, here’s hoping marriage makes him a little less rash.

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