Why Namitha is angry with Sona?

It seems the actress role played by Sona in ‘Ko’, which resembled Namitha a lot, has irked the latter. “I telephoned Namitha to know her reaction, but she did not attend my call,” Sona was quoted as saying by a Tamil weekly.

She explained: “Post the release of ‘Ko’, many told me that my performance in the movie had a lot of resemblance to Namitha. So I called her up to know whether she is upset with me. But there was no answer from her.”

“Later I SMSed her saying “Hope you are not angry with me”, Sona reportedly said and added: “For that, Namitha replied – It’s okay. Don’t call me again. This made me to come to a conclusion that she is irked with my role.”

Reassuring that the shoot of her production venture ‘Bhagyaraj 2010’ would restart soon, Sona added: “There was a break because the hero Premji Amaran became busy with ‘Mankatha’. We are starting the shoot soon.”

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