’22FK’ celebrates 100

One of the boldest movies to have ever arrived on Mollywood, Aashiq Abu’s ’22 Female Kottayam’ has celebrated its 100 days run. The movie which has a refreshing theme and superb execution is touted as the best dark film in Molly wood which also managed to fetch popular as well as critical acclaim. The movie which opened in theatres during last Vishu was also well supported by the releasing centres, which gave it maximum chances to make a extremely decent run. The women folk of the state were the biggest crowd for the movie, which told the daring attempt of a nurse to live his free life and to take revenge of the causalities inflicted upon to her womanhood.

The DVD’s of the movie was released a few days ago. But the movie was also in news as its pirate versions appeared on the net. These versions were reported to have been viewed by 3.5 lakh persons in just a matter of 5 days. The case was forwarded to anti -piracy cell, which is trying to dig out the real culprits who broke the versions on net. The explanations from Google are also sought for.

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