Rajapattai movie review

Movie : Rajapattai
Director : Suseenthiran
Producer : PVP Cinemas
Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cast : Vikram, K Viswanath, Deeksha, Pradeep Rawat

Once again, it’s Vikram’s sheer presence and energy, that keeps Rajapattai afloat. Suseenthiran’s wafer thin storyline is salvaged to a great extent by Vikram’s one-man show. He plays the cool dude, gym boy with consummate ease and style.

Story- Anal Murugan (Vikram) a gym boy who dreams of becoming a successful villain in films. He bumps into an old man Dakshinamoorthy (K Viswanath) who is under pressure from his son ( Avinash) to sell his orphanage to a scheming lady politician Ranganayaki (Sana) who is majorly into land grabbing along with her hatchet man Vaappa (Pradeep Rawat).

The one-man army Murugan becomes the old man’s saviour as Ranganayaki and her men are after them. How Murugan single-handedly fights the powerful politician and brings them to light forms the rest of the predictable story.

The only real standout performance is by Vikram, who carries the film on his shoulders. His over-the-top character, with outlandish costumes and coloured hair is caricaturish but charming. Deeksha has nothing much to do, is easy on the eye, and provides the oomph factor. The supporting cast is adequate.

What’s missing in Rajapattai is a sure-footed director’s touch. Suseenthiran fails to bring all the elements together inspite of having a National Award winning actor, a veteran K Viswanath, super talented Madhie as cameraman, Rajeevan as art director and Yuvan Shankar Raja.

Among the songs of Yuvan Shankar Raja , Laddu Laddu Rendu Laddu shot on Reema Sen and Shriya Saran in Italy is hummable but sadly it is placed in the end when title cards starts rolling!

On the whole, this old-fashioned masala entertainer is enjoyable in parts. It is vintage Vikram coupled with rich production values that makes Rajapattai watchable, despite its obvious flaws. On the whole, Vikram fans won’t be disappointed.

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