Mullassery Madhavankutty Nemom P O review

Movie : Mullassery Madhavankutty Nemom P O
Director : Kumar Nanda
Music : Raveendran, Ratheesh Vegha
Cast : Anoop Menon, Sonal Devraj

A film producer, who had retired hurt from the industry after some really bad experiences, makes a statement on these lines in director Kumar Nanda’s Mullassery Madhavankutty Nemom P O.

Films are like a beautiful girl. She can be a girl friend, wife or a prostitute. Since it is a business, I would prefer to treat her as a prostitute.

If this is the kind of wisdom that you look forward to, on screen, this film has a few of them. No point in mincing words, amateurishly written and lazily executed films like Mullassery Madhavankutty Nemom P O have been made aiming at the satellite rights. That explains the presence of a few well-known faces who appear on screen for a while and then disappear soon after.

Madhavankutty (Anoop Menon) is a soft-spoken government clerk, who lives happily with his mother (KPAC Lalitha), wife (Sonal Devraj) and daughter. He has no big dreams in life, except perhaps to build a new house, but things takes a different turn when his former classmate provokes him at a club. To teach him a lesson, Madhavankutty decides to produce a film!

If you have seen at least a dozen Malayalam films in your life, the rest of the story can be predicted quite easily. The various issues that he faces as a producer and the effects of all those in his family life, how he tides over all those setbacks and the final triumph, well, all these happens as you wait for the end titles to roll.

The question is, how detrimental is this trend where the viewers are made virtual fools as the filmmakers churn up movies, solely eyeing at the satellite rights? As only already known faces command a price, actors like Suraj Venjarammoodu and Bala make brief appearances

Evidently, scenarist Swathi Bhaskar and director Kumar Nanda have not made this film with any kind of seriousness or honesty. The visuals are pretty ordinary and the music is fine in parts.

The usually dependable Anoop Menon almost sleepwalks through his role and disappoints after shining really well as a scenarist, actor and also as a lyricist in the recent Beautiful. The rest of the cast has nothing much to perform.

When moviemaking becomes less of a passion and is seen only as a profit-making venture, films like these gives the viewer a feeling that they have been taken for a ride. Why should one pay for the ticket to watch such lousy stuff, wasting two precious hours? If you seriously love movies, you will definitely feel cheated after watching Mullassery Madhavankutty Nemom P O.

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