9 K K Road movie review

Movie : 9 K K Road
Rating : 1.75/5
Banner : Sun Pictures
Cast : Babu Antony, Suvarna Mathew, Shamna Kasim, Nishant Sagar, Karthika, Saikumar, Jagathy, Vijayakumar, C K Padmanabhan, Mala Aravindan, Shammi Thilakan and Others
Music : S P Venkatesh
Cinematography : Venugopal
Producer: Simon Kuruvila
Director: K K Simon
Released Date: October 11, 2010

A regular mystery tale, the story begins with the discovery of four dead bodies in a deserted quarry. The Chief Minister involves into the case and appoints the IPS officer Devdas (Babu antony) to investigate. Initially, Devdas is accompanied by one aide (mala aravindan) but that person walks out giving some excuses. Then Devdas is joined by Noushad (shammi thilakan) and the duo gets brisk in their investigation. Devdas is one man who is known to get into the cracks of any issue until justice is got. Whether he is successful in his mission or not forms the rest of the story.

The director has come up with a beaten track and though the presentation was alright, the narrative was poor. The dialogues were routine, the script was average and the screenplay was terrible. Background score was okay but songs were duds. Cinematography was okay. Costumes didn’t have much to do while art department made its presence felt. Babu Antony made his presence felt with his performance. Suvarna Mathew was neat, Shamna was sensuous, Nishanth was natural, Shammi was good, Mala Aravindan was mediocre. Padmanabhan was upto the mark. The others didn’t have much to offer.


The key to any murder mystery is the element of suspense and shock points which will keep the audience engaged and guessing at all times. However, nothing of that sort was present in the film. The first half is mild and though some interest generates during the second half, that fizzles out in no time. The film required to be trimmed at many places so that the tension can be maintained. However, that didn’t happen so the chances are that this film will disappear from the box office very soon.

Verdict: Not impressive

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