Cast:    Mohan Lal, Gopika, Navya Nair, Jagadheesh, Cochin Haneefa, Sudheesh, Shammy Thilakan, Ganesh, KPAC Lalitha
mohanlalDirection:    Shaji Kailas
Production:    Antony Perumbavoor
Music:    Alex Paul

After the recent blockbuster movie Hello, Mohanlal is back with a ma

sala action movie, Alibhai, directed by Shaji-Kailash. The duo’s last film as a team was Baba Kalyani. Every

year, several movies get released during Onam starring all big stars of the Malayalam film industry. Alibhai is Mohanlal’s Onam gift to his fans.

Mohanlal plays the title role of Alibhai, the saviour of the poor and the needy. Anwar Ali (Mohanlal) famous as Alibhai among the poor people, along with his gang of close friends, takes charge of the safety of the people of Palayam market in Kozhikode. Among his many admirers are two young ladies who see him as the great leader of the Palayam market and are mad about him. They are Chenthamarai (Navya Nair), the flower-seller and Ganga (Gopika), a tea shop assistant. However, Alibhai is more concerned about the safety and the well-being of the people of Palayam market and hardly pays them any attention.

He comes to the rescue of all poor persons in the market, when they are attacked or threatened by the bad guys. He fights heroically, and the people of the market gather around him to see their hero’s heroic stunts, shouting his name and supporting him.

However, the brave leader was not involved in fights earlier; a flashback reveals his diametrically differrent history. He hails from the Barami family, who were famous for making wooden ships. Once when he got cheated and was accused by his close pal, Sundaran Thampy, Alibhai cut off Thampy’s hand and moved to Palayam market, concealing his background.

After reaching Palayam market, he encountered another bad man, Abraham (Aryaman), and beat him ruthlessly. Since then, he earned the image of a good leader of the Palayam market, winning the hearts of the poor people there.

The movie, based on a simple story, has lot of masala elements and presents the star in a different look. He looks extremely attractive and macho in white dhoti, shirt with rolled sleeves and twirled moustache.mohanlal

Mohanlal, who gives the stunning performance of a leader, is the major highlight of the movie. His punchline ‘Bejarakathe Koya’ told with Kozhikode accent is good. Navya Nair and Gopika do not have much to do in the film. Others in the cast including Jagadheesh, Cochin Haneefa, Shammy Thilakan, Ganesh, and K.P.A.C. Lalitha have done their job well. Producer Antony Pemubavoor appears in a cameo role.

The action sequences are very well shot. The climax scene with the main villain, shot in Chennai is extremely good. However, the movie lacks romantic and comedy elements. The songs are not so catchy, as they usually are in Mohanlal’s masala films.

The movie is basically meant for Mohanlal’s fans and those interested in masala action films.

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