Amala Paul says that everyone calls her Myna

Amala Paul the heroine of the hit film Myna said, “I saw the film Myna with the audience in Devi theatre. After the film was over the audience identified me and called me Myna. I was so happy when they called me by this name. All this is like a dream to me.

My father and mother never wanted me to act. Somehow I have continuously convinced them and got the permission to act. I have acted in five films in a year of which three was in Tamil and two was in Telugu. I am currently studying second year communication course in St Theresa’s college in Cochin.

I had scored good marks in plus 2. I could have studied engineering course but because I had liking for arts, I joined communication course. With regard to the experiences in the film Myna I should say it was very thrilling. Prabhu Solomon is a fantastic director. It was very thrilling when we were in shooting in the forest area in Munnar.

Many are asking me whether I can speak Tamil. I did not learn Tamil now. Since I had acted earlier in Tamil films I was able to learn Tamil by speaking to unit friends. I have been signed for three more Tamil films. One of the films has Vikram in the lead role. There is a question because there was a controversy since I had acted in the role of a daughter-in –law seducing the father-in-law. I wish to say that I am an actress.

I had acted according to the role and I have got appreciation for this. That is enough for me. With regard to my slimness I will exercise daily if I am in my house. Apart from this I don’t take any special effort. I eat lot and sleep lot. When I was studying in the school, my friends used to say that I was looking beautiful and so I can act in films.

Because of this I became a model. In the third month of modeling I got the opportunity to act. Some are asking me what the glamour in me is is. I think it is my eyes and my smile. Many of them like these both. I will give you a tip to look beautiful, always be happy and smile.”

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