Amy Winehouse to form new band

Pop singer Amy Winehouse is teaming up with hip-hop band The Roots’ drummer Questlove and guitarist Raphael Saadiq to form a new band.

However, according to the drummer, the unnamed band is finding it difficult to take out time to record any tracks due to the ‘Back to Black’ singer’s ongoing visa problems. She was recently denied entry to the US on the grounds of possessing cannabis and an assault the star was later cleared of, reports

“The group will definitely happen. It’s just the closest she can come to the States is Jamaica,” said Questlove.

“I’m off to France soon so I’ll see if she’s up for discussing it over dinner,” he added.

A friend of the 26-year-old hitmaker recently revealed she has “totally transformed” her life thanks to new boyfriend Reg Traviss and is completely focused on her career.

Sam Shaker said: “She is totally transformed. I am so proud of her. She has stopped smoking completely. Reg has sorted her out.

“She says she is the happiest she has ever been. He’s made a new person of her. He is a civilised man, a gentleman. She is so blissful and has turned herself around for him. She said she has new music coming out soon and she will be fit and healthy to promote it,” Shaker added.

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