Angry Babies in Love – Review

angry babies
Usually, when critics advise the viewers to leave their brains back home while watching a senseless comedy, filmmakers raise a ruckus about it. But director Saji Surendran’s Angry Babies is yet another film that may work if you actually don’t use your brain!

Jeevan Paul (Anoop Menon) is a photographer, who elopes with a rich girl Sarah Thomas (Bhavana) to Mumbai. As it happens throughout the film, those sequences, which need to be told in detail, are reduced to some seconds and the rest of the screen space is filled with slapstick buffoonery here.

So, without any valid reason, the couple is ready for divorce after a year. And they are forced to live together again as per the directives of the family court.

They continue fighting inside one roof. To make matters more complicated a maid and a gang of friends too become part of the mess. Well, the film goes for a detailed description of these fights, the confusions, some fine moments here and there, and so on.

And then the obvious climax is hurried through with some sheets of dialogues.

But in all fairness, the film may be a just about okay fare for those non-discerning viewers. The script looks genuinely shaky but the director has packaged the film in a decent manner.

Though this is not really his kind of role, Anoop Menon has tried really hard to look convincing in the role of the husband. Bhavana repeats her usual style and nothing more. The rest of the cast has played their parts in a fine way.

Angry Babies may not be a great comedy, but it is not too bad either, for its target audience. If you are the kind who enjoys watching those unending comedy skits on TV, chances are that you may like this one as well. Now decide on your own!

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