Anjali says I will kiss if the script requires

Anjali is excited about her upcoming movie Thoonga Nagaram .We wanted to know about her plans for 2011, and decided to have a talk with the Kollywood hottie.

Vasantha Balan directed Angadi Theru fetched her international recognition recently.

But now, the actress wants to spread her wings and explore commercial cinema too.

Anjali 2011 is here and do you think it’s a great time to shift and do commercial cinema after so many performance oriented roles you have done?

“Yes, in 2011, I’ll choose projects which are commercially viable as well,”

Thoonga Nagaram is the movie that everyone is eagerly waiting for; tell us a little more about it Anjali.

“I play a girl called Radha, who works as a compere in a local TV channel in Madurai, she’s a proper Madurai girl. She isn’t stylish. It’s something I haven’t tried before and I had quite a tough time speaking the Madurai slang the way it had to be spoken.”

Was learning the local slang a bit difficult keeping in mind that the Madurai slang was an essential attribute to your role.

“For my role in Angadi Theru, I learnt the Tirunelveli dialect with some help. However, for Thoonga Nagaram, there were no trainers to help me as most of the film’s cast was from Madurai and needed no help in the slang. I somehow managed to get a grip of it after a few days of shooting.

Any best moments you would like to share during shooting for the movie?

Koorana Paravaigal was a great experience. We shot in exotic locations near Malaysia but the audience will never be able to tell the difference between the locales there and Madurai. The visual palettes that these locations offer were very interesting and have been showcased beautifully in the song.

You are signing some prestigious as there is a film produced by A R Murugadoss and then we heard we will get to see you along Ajith soon, is it so?

Yes, I play Vaibhav’s pair in the film. The same production house that is behind Thoonga Nagaram is now making Mankatha and so, when they called me for a role, I readily agreed. I’ll also be sharing screen space with Ajith, something that I’m really looking forward to.

A kissing scene in Angadi Theru and then in Magillchi, do you get worried when people talk about it?

I did the kissing scene in Angadi Theru because the story demanded it. Even in the film Magillchi that kissing sequence was required .Many are asking me that whether there is a kissing scene in my next film. Well, it does not mean that I will continue to kiss in all my films. I am donning homely roles in the films in which I am currently acting now. All the roles have the scope for acting. I am very thankful to Vasanthabalan for this. He gave me a powerful role in Angadi Theru. I have so far acted in five films including one Malayalam film. There is nothing wrong in acting glamorously for the songs too without exceeding the limits. Everything has its place.

We totally agree and surely look forward to see you perform onscreen with Ajith soon. Our best wishes are with you Anjali. We had a great time talking to you.

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