Arikil Oraal movie Review

Arikil OraalMovie : Arikil Oraal
Director : Sunil Ibrahim
Cast : Indrajith, Nivin Pauly, Remya Nambeeshan
Cinematographer : Krish Kymal

While watching a thriller, most viewers would be busy cracking the suspense behind the mysterious plots, themselves. They arrive at some conclusions and still wait for surprises. But what if the story goes exactly the same way that they had predicted? Director Sunil Ibrahim’s Arikil Oraal leaves you in such a situation.

Siddharth (Indrajith) has joined the creative section of an ad agency in Kochi. Veena (Remya Nambeeshan) is his friend and a contemporary dancer. Icha (Nivin Pauly) is her friend and a waiter at a plush restaurant. Siddhu starts staying with Icha in his room soon after.

Then there are characters like Aarathi (Lena), who heads the ad agency and her friend Sudhir Bose (Pratap Pothen), a psychologist. Now, the entire film is banking on a rather simple plot and more info could spoil all the fun.

If you have watched a couple of psycho thrillers from the West like The Man who haunted himself, A Beautiful Mind or Fight Club and our own films like Kaun, Karthik Calling Karthik or Anniyan, the suspense will be guessed pretty early thanks to the similarity in the genre and then, you start waiting to be proved wrong. No such luck here and the film moves ahead on highly predictable lines.

Writer-director Sunil Ibrahim, who has earlier made Chapters, has packaged the film in a competent way. Krish Kymal’s visuals and Gopi Sundar’s tunes are good.

Among the performances, it is Indrajith who steals the show in style. Nivin Pauly and Remya Nambeeshan looks good. Pratap Pothen is convincing with a matured performance.

Arikil Oraal is a fine thriller, mainly for the easily thrilled. Don’t use your brain much and then, you may find it engaging to a certain extent. Now the decision is all yours!

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