Aswathy for a comeback

It is a rare occurrence for a heroine presented by Fazil to go unnoticed. And when the senior director decided to bring in Aswathy Ashok, a popular Television compere and model as his heroine in the movie ‘Moz and Cat’, the media gave her necessary popularity. But when the movie failed to take off, Aswathy didn’t try to go for silly films that came her way but decided to wait for quality roles in good movies. And now the talented, beautiful actress is getting ready for that much expected comeback.

She will shortly start her second phase in her career appearing as the heroine to Arjun in the new movie directed by Major Ravi. This will be her debut film in Tamil which will offer her a good character to perform. Apart for this, Aswathy will also be seen in Mollywood in the new movie titled ‘Cleopatra’ which will have her opposite Vineeth. Right now, Aswathy is busy acting the lead role in the new movie ‘Aan Piranna Veedu’ directed by K P Sunil.

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