Bava Movie Review

Movie – Bava ( Enjoy Guys )
Cast: Siddharth , Pranitha Subhash, Rajendra Prasad, Brahmanandam, Ali, Ahuti Prasad, Raghu Babu, Nassar, Narsing Yadav, Rajitha., Surekha Vani, Vinayaprasad, Master Bharat, Master Sajjan, Master Hritwik, Samrat Reddy
Cinematographer: Arvind Krishna
Editor: Goutham Raju
Director: Rambabu
Producer: M L Kumar Chowdary
Music Director: Chakri
Dialogues: Veera Pothana
Banner: Sri Keerthi Combines
Writer: Rambabu
Lyricist: Chandrabose, Bhaskara Bhatla, Vanamali, Venigalla Rambabu
Ratings: Average
Release Date: 29th Oct

Siddharth is one amongst the very few actors who has worked with new directors in a majority of his movies. In this movie as well, he has introduced another debutant director, Rambabu for Baava.


Veerababu (Siddharth) is a carefree and naughty village lad of Venkatapuram in East Godavari. Along with his set of friends (Prasad, Venu and others), the whole village is crazy about him. His parents love their only son a lot – especially his father, Sitaram Prasad (Rajendra Prasad).

Siddharth chances upon and falls in love with Varalakshmi (Pranitha), who belongs to a well-to-do and large family of a nearby village. Vara, however, does not respond to his overtures despite Veera wooing her incessantly. But Vara soon realizes that Veera is her childhood friend and she falls in love with him.

During this time, Vara’s father (Ahuti Prasad) who enjoys a high status in society pressurizes her to get married to the son of a neighboring village head. Vara asks Veera to something and they end up getting married. However, Veera’s father (Rajendra Prasad) refuses to accept Vara because she is the daughter of Veerababu’s maternal uncle. Rajendra Prasad convinces his daughter-in-law (heroine) to go back to her house and says that he will perform their wedding only with acceptance of her family.

Why Veerababu’s mother never visits her relatives’ home, what happens after Veera’s father sends Varalakshmi back to her home and does Veera succeed in his love story – all these form the rest of the story.

High Points:

Some of the movie highlights include:

Siddharth in the role of a village guy is just amazing.
Rajendra Prasad brings all his experience to the role and excels in each scene.
The spoof on Varudu by Brahmanandam and Ali is extremely funny.

Low Points:

Some of the movie’s low points include:

The story is pretty old fashioned and we seem to have seen it many times
Climax is unbearable to see when compared to the overall story
Dialogues in few emotional scenes remind of TV serials


Siddarth as the village lad has infused life into the character. He has tried to speak in the Godavari coastal slang quite well. His expressions are also something worth watching. But in the climax scene he has overdone the acting my being too dramatic.

Rajendra Prasad, the seasoned actor has displayed his powerful screen presence but his talent has not been explored properly.

The heroine (Pranitha) is pretty, confident and shared a good chemistry with the hero. Her intro scene with ‘Ringa Ringa..’ song is entertaining.

Ahuti Prasad was his usual regular self – charming and artful, Tanikella was good, Samrat was handsome and did a fine job, Brahmi and Ali comedy track is really hilarious.

Raghu Babu was brief, Prasad, Venu and gang gave many smiles, Kasi Viswanath, Bharath and others aptly filled the screen. The actress who played Siddarth’s mom was decent but Sindhu Tolani was a misfit.


Director Rambabu seems to hold some promise especially in the emotional scenes. He captures the whole village environment very nicely and has showcased Siddharth as a mass hero. The movie’s cinematography and editing was slick. Screenplay is also okay. Pranitha’s and Siddharth’s costumes and make-up was well-done. Background score was good, the locations were eye-catching and music by Chakri is also nice.


The first half of the movie is worth watching and will keep the audience in good mood with all the comedy and entertainment. However, the second part of the movie is a huge let-down and the audience is tested with all the routine stuff.

Overall, the movie is a mix of different films.

Final Point:

Die-hard fans of Rajendra Prasad and Siddharth will love the movie for sure. A few might enjoy ogling the heroine, Pranitha. Family audiences, especially women, might like the emotional second half of the film. One will have to wait and watch how the movie will fare in the long run.

Vebtoday Rating – 3/5

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