He is the man with the Midas touch. Director Sathyan Anthikkad still proves that he has the touch with his latest Malayalam film Bhagyadevatha. And this is not because he has a fresh or a unique story to tell but because of the way he narrates an age old tale and still holds the interest of the audience, which is an amazing quality.

This also means that Jayaram can heave a sigh of relief, making him a force to reckon with once again in Malayalam cinema.

Benny (Jayaram), a farmer who is also the local cable guy in the rural area of Kuttanadu, is a man who carries the problems of his small world on his shoulders. First of all there is the struggle to make both ends meet. Add to that two sisters who depend on him — one of marriageable age and another, a school going girl.

Benny is perpetually in search of a business opportunities that would make him financially secure. His friend, played by Nedumudi Venu gives him the idea to buy a second hand fishing boat. To finance the purchase of the boat, he suggests that Benny should get married for a fat dowry.

Enter Daisy (Kaniha), a sweet girl whose father (Venu Nagavalli) agrees to pay Rs five lakh on the day of engagement. However, he fails to pay the amount on the day of marriage. He asks for a grace period of three months but our man does not approve of it. So, he tells his wife that he will not consummate their marriage unless he gets the money.

You heard a similar story recently in Kalabhavan Mani’s Aayirathil Oruvan. While that film was made with utmost seriousness, here Sathyan Anthikkad keeps the undercurrent of humour intact till the climax.

There is melodrama and sentimentalism peppered with humour. The Sathyan Anthikkad stamp is there throughout.
The two lead players are in top form here. Jayaram excels in a tailor-made role while Kaniha exudes confidence and is attractive in a role that has some meat, a rarity these days as far as leading ladies are concerned.

Most of Sathyan Anthikkad’s trusted actors — Innocent, Mammookoya, KPAC Lalitha and Narein — do their bit within the scope of their roles.

In a nutshell, Sathyan Anthikad strikes the right chord once again making Bhagyadevatha a must-watch for the entire family.

Director : Sathyan Anthikkad
Producer : M.M. Hamsa
Starring : Jayaram, Kaniha, Narein, Nedumudi Venu,
Innocent, Mamookoya, Venu Nagavally,
KPAC Lalitha, Reshmi Boban, Lakshmipriya, Shanthakumari etc.

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