Cast:Suresh Gopi, Biju Menon, Geethu Mohandas

Direction:Madhu Muttom

Production:Suresh Kozhenchery

Music:M Jayachandran

This new malayalam release going to be a superhit.

The movie is a science + pshychic thriller.It is directed by a new comer (i think so) anildas and script from famous madhu muttam.madhu is famous for ‘manichithrathazhu’.Its his second script.

The movie is really good .It is enjoyable and not boring.The stars are

biju menon,geethu mohandas,suresh gopi(dont worry no revolver nd lengthy dialogues) innocent and jagathi.The songs are taken nicely and shows nice malayali views of kerala.The director and script is very nice.

The storys hero is bharathan (biju)an Msc physics graduate.His wife is geetha(geethu) .The couple had a love marriage with geetha ran away from her family for bharathan is a typical genius or inventor with addiction to invent new gadgets.He has a research mentality and may be called a crack in that.img126/3370/bharathan0601071rq2.jpg

As every genius has ,bharathan has certain problems.He is jobless or constantly switching jobs.The couple lives in rent in the hou\se of scaria(jagathy).

WIth the help of suheesh bharathan get a job in a tutorial college.Since there was no physics vacancy he teaches malayalam which he knew nothing of .There is gud humour related to when students asks about ‘vrittham’ he thinks it as a circle and draws a circle and start explaining.

Now bharathan had made a machine which could sweep the ‘muttam’ and could do other house chores.Jagathy takes that machine to his engineer cousin koshi and they make products on that.

now bharathan saw a paper missile floating in the air withhout support.But nobody believes him and label him as maniac.He loses job.His student thankachan saw a rubber tyre floating and he too is labelled maniac.rajan is the priest who tries to cure them with prayer.THere is also a lot of humour.

Now thankachan and bharathn goes on to find the secret behind the floating.bharatan finds that it is due to anti gravity.

with this anti gravity he makes a small plane which could fly without fuel.scientists all over the world comes to kerla to visit him and he suddenly gets famous.img126/9769/bharathan13zn8.jpg

At this point Madhu muttam brings the manichtrathazyu effect.The subconscious mind and that stuff.Bharathan loses his memory due to over concentration and loses all memory about his project.Now govt brings a pshychiatrist sureshgopi to cure him(as ushual he is from london over huma n first rank lastword in phschiatry etc).He finds that bharathan could be cured and he could make anti gravity to a reality.But his treatment would be dangerous.

will bharatan get back is memory?will he fly the fuelless plane?

i think the film is well tailored.As an engineer i can find some unanswered technical problems in the film related to bharathans project but other than that film is nice to watch.Madu muttom had done realy a greaat work.Its super compared to mohanlals waste films in which he travel in a damn bottomless jeep and kicks 100 gundas or dileep with is ultra waste jocks and swelling mouths flirting with kavya.


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