Bhargava Charitram Moonam Ghantam



Bhargava Charitham Moonnam Khandam, Mammotty generates a few laughs. The scene where poses for Sreenivasan is hilarious. But most of the time his comedy is over the top. And he does look OLD for a change. And there is very little chemistry between him and Sreenivasan.

Padmapriya and Nikita were touted as the pairs to Mammotty and Sreenivasan. But they are wasted and take hardly 5 minutes of screen time. It looks as if they were added to woo the lady audience. (In the theatre i watched, their numbers could be counted in the fingers of my one hand).

Alex Paul’s music is nothing great to talk about. The background music of the trailer is a straight lift from Moby’s James Bond theme

.Overall, BMCK disappoints and that too big time – as it had Sreenivasan – the minumum guarantee man – and Mammotty – the darling of the masses. Maybe Jomon should take a leaf out of Priyadarashan’s book on how to “customize” Hollywood flicks to suit us Mallus.

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