brmaramAfter their successful teamwork in Thanmathra (2005) which won five Kerala state film awards including Best Film, Best Actor and Best Director, director Blessy once again teams up with superstar Mohanlal with Bhramaram, produced by Raju Mallyath and Zulfikar under the banner of Yuvan Entertainments. Like his earlier movies (Kaazhcha, Thanmathra and Palunku), Blessy once again proves his ability as a master story teller with Bhramaram, starring Tamil-Telugu actor Bhumika as the heroine. Bhramaram is simple, has a lots of emotions, fabulous frames and some haunting moments.

The film begins with a stranger (Mohanlal), who lands up at the doorstep of stock broker Unni’s (Suresh Menon) apartment in Coimbatore and claims to be his classmate Jose of the seventh standard. A good twenty five years having passed, Unni is barely able to recollect any classmate named Jose. But, Jose knows every event of that period, so, Unni trusts him.

The purpose of Jose’s visit (who claims to be a jeep driver in the high range area in Kerala) is shrouded in mystery. He refuses any financial help or employment offer; he just wishes to talk about something important in isolation. Jose’s eerie behavior disturbs the composure of Unni’s family as well as professional life. And, the revelation of Jose’s real identity and purpose of his sudden appearance creates further tremors.

What makes Bhramaram click is its stunning climax. It is a must watch movie, otherwise you will miss the strong performance of the complete actor Mohanlal. Once again he proved he is the best in Malayalam through this character. The film has its moments for sure, but things could definitely have been more effective with a taut script.

Though Mohanlal puts in his heart and soul to get into the shoes of his character, the supporting cast lets him down big time. Bhoomika, as 14896341_brahmaram132Mohanlal’s wife, and the child actor who play their child fail to make any impact. Some of the characters played by Bollywood comedian Suresh Menon, Bhoomika and Lakshmi Gopalaswamy could have been more effective with better dubbing. Muralikrishnan, who plays Alex, has nice features to suit his role and he does a nice job as well. All other casts did justice to their respective characters.

Among the best things about the film is the cinematography by Ajayan Vincent that adds to the mood of the story in a huge way. The music of Mohan Sithara is melodious especially Mohanlal’s ‘Annarakanna’ song, which is another highlight of the film. The action scenes, though at times created just for the heck of it, have been taken pretty well. Other good things about the movie are good direction, excellent camera work, hearty songs, good picturisations and Mohan Sitaras’ excellent music. In short, Bhramaram brings Blessy back into form after the debacle of Calcutta News.

Cast:    Mohanlal, Bhoomika, Lakshmi Gopalaswamy,
Suresh Menon Jayalakshmi, Madan Babu,
Baby Niveditha and V.G. Murali Krishnan
Direction:    Blessy
Production:    Raju Mallyath, Zulfikar
Music:    Mohan Sithara

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