Billa 2 Tamil Movie Review

David Billa (Ajith) comes to India as a Sri Lankan refugee and he turns into a don. How his journey starts and how does he become don is the story of David Billa. This story includes Billa’s family and also a bit of romantic side of Billa with his sister’s daughter Jasmine (Parvathi).


David Billa’s childhood and his life in Sri Lanka will be shown in photo sequences during the titles. The actual story begins when he comes to India. Hot blooded Billa straightaway finds ways to get big and rich. He starts off as a smalltime goon and rises to a position where he sits next to one big don.

Such stories should be told in an arresting manner. But the director of this film simplified it way too much. Billa’s rise is not at all exciting. He just gets what he wants and does whatever he plans without any trouble. Therefore there is nothing to engage the audiences.

Snail paced narration is another setback of this film. The movie moves at a painstakingly slow pace that you might fall asleep in a while. It is a bad bad sign for a film with such an iconic character. It is a blunder to say the past or history of Don Billa in an uninteresting manner. The film is technically sound and also stylish at times.

Content is too weak that those plus points couldn’t lift the movie up. Except for Ajith’s stellar performance even Tamil audience doesn’t have much to cheer.


Ajith is menacing as the man on a mission. His performance is wonderful. He has to take care about his physique though. Sudhanshu Pandey is cool and Vidyut Jamwal is pretty stylish. Parvathi Omanakuttan has nothing much to do. So does Bruna Abdulla. They don’t impress as the female leads. Rest of the star cast is not known faces to our audience.


Cinematography is splendid. RD Rajasekhar carried the mood of this film with his wonderful cinematography. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s songs are mediocre, but the background score is impressive. Editing is alright. Could have been better.

Director Chakri Toleti excelled in few scenes and failed in many. He failed to grab the essence of the story and present it in an effective way. A good director with great command over narrating HEROES stories could have made this a movie to be remembered.

Final Word:

David Billa might appeal to audience who like to watch slow action dramas. There are so many Gangster dramas in Hollywood and this film follows the same suit. Ajith is the saving grace for this slow paced flick.

David Billa Movie Rating: 2.5/5

Banner: SVR Media Private Limited
Cast: Ajith Kumar,Parvathy Omanakuttan,
Producer: Shobha Rani
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Director: Chakri Toleti

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