Black cat


Cast: Suresh Gopi, Meena, Rambha
Direction: Vinayan
Music: M.Jayachandran

Black tells the story of, the faithful servant and henchman of Tharakan Muthalali who goes by the name Black for his obsession with black clothes. Although he’s the son of Pathrose, he was brought up by Tharakan Muthalali and feels that he is eternally indebted to him. He would do anything to satisfy the whims of his master. To some, he may seem a little immature for his age.

It is into such a world that Dr. Meenakshi walks in. Meenakshi has been living in Mumbai. When she sees Black, some past incidents come to her mind. Is Black the person she knew years ago? She tries to find out. She starts questioning people to find the truth about Black, his past and how he landed up on the Malabar coast. This puts Meenakshi on bad terms with Tharakan Muthalali’s daughter Blessy, and she tries to stop Meenakshi. Black continues with his life, ignorant of all this. It is then that a shocking truth is revealed. The rest of the story unfolds as the consequences of this revelation.

Suresh Gopi plays the role of Black, a character very different from the ones he has played earlier. Meena, Karthika and Rajan P Dev play the roles of Dr. Meenakshi, Blessy and Tharakan Muthalali respectively. The film is directed by Vinayan, who also provides the story and the script while Jayasoma does the dialogues. The film is being shot in the coastal area near Kannur.

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