Blessy’s Bollywood ticket

As the unassuming director from Mollywood, Blessy, is all set to greet the audience with his new take on love ‘Pranayam’, his stars of the movie are for unadulterated praise for the director who has etched out some wonderful performances from them. Termed as a poetry on celluloid with many nostalgic sequences from the director’s personal life , Anupam Kher, the Bollywood actor who has played a very important role in ‘Pranayam’  is listing it in his best 7 films out of the 450 flicks that he had been. Anupam is happy to call himself an unofficial PRO of the director and has told his mates in Bollwyood about the talented chieftain of the movie. Anilkapoor to whom Anupam suggetsed ‘if you haven’t worked with him, you have not worked at all’, has already asked the actor to bring Blessy to Bollywood. And thus even before the release of the movie, ‘Pranayam’ is proving to be a pricy catch for the director who is always known for his powerful, emotional narratives.

Jayapradha who is playing the female lead in the film suggests that he she is not yet out of the beautiful dream of the  narratives of the flick.Mohanlal also expects ‘Pranayam’ to be the best of the Blessy films, that tells about the spirit of universal love. ‘Pranayam’ is expected to be on theaters by the 31st of this month.

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