Brammigadi Katha movie review

Moive: Brammigadi Katha
Cast: Varun Sandesh, Asmita Sood, Poonam Kaur, Brahmanadam
Music Director: Koti
Director: Eeshwar Reddy
Producer: Rajath Parthasarathy
Banner : Multi-dimension Entertainments (P) Ltd.
Release date: 01 July 2011


Shiva( Varun) goes to write exams for gulbarga to write his degree exams. And while going to the place, he wants to meet his Mardallu bagyam. So he comes to meet her to Hyderabad, and incidentally rescues Maya from rowdies, who chase her to kill her. But Maya escapes with the help of Shiva and reaches Hyderabad. But to the surprise of Shiva maya disappears and Shiva is in the search of her.

Meanwhile, bagyam father jaya prakash is interested in producing a movie and hires bramanandham , who is a director. One day when shiva and bagyam go for shopping, brahmi comes to the house of bagyam to narrate a story to her father jaya prakash.

At this moment, maya appears in front of Shiva and Shiva leaves bagyam and saves maya from rowdies. The story goes on in the way brahmi is narrating it to jaya prakash. At last brahmi pens the script with the death of hero. But Shiva is saved

The whole suspense is who is maya, why is she being chased and who will shiva marry?


This film’s plot reminds us of A film By Aravind. That film was a thriller and this is a comedy. Any film would seem interesting if one of the characters narrates what happens for real. However, a tight screenplay is required for such plots to keep the audience interested. Director Eeswar Reddy who also penned the screenplay for this film has utterly failed in that department.

Screenplay is the main drawback of this film as there are too many holes to fill and loose ends which need to be connected. Few scenes involving Brahmanandam and Jaya Prakash Reddy clicked well due to the awesome timing of both the actors. But the director failed to light up the scenes where the duo is absent.

Chase sequences are poorly shot. This is a ‘on the run’ film but that thrill is missing throughout as the chasers doesn’t look menacing enough. Female lead’s character is the backbone of the narrative and she has failed to give right expressions which didn’t help on filling in the emotional quotient.

Technical Departments :

Apart from interesting screenplay, the other thing that keeps this comic caper working is its background music. Koti definitely knows the pulse of Telugu film audience. Editing in running scenarios can be tricky, but the editor knows his job. Cinematography too complements the screenplay, and the camera showcases a different looking Hyderabad. Most of the movie has been shot in-house or on locations near and around Hyderabad, ensuring that the production values remain under control. On the whole the technical aspects can boast of nothing special, yet nothing seems to have gone wrong

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