Director: Lohithadas
Music: M Jayachandran

Cast:Dileep,Kavya Madhavan,Harisri Asokan,Cochin Haneefa,Bindu Panikkar

Chakkaramuthu marks the comeback of Lohithadas, one of the best script writers in

Malayalam cinema. He tried his luck in Tamil and has completed a full circle and is back where he started. In Chakkaramuthu, Lohithadas is trying to tell a simple love story with the touch of humour.

Dileep is back with his mentor after 5 years after Soothradaran. Dileep, after trying his luck in action movies and other genres is back to his strength, which is character role with a humour touch. This movie holds a lot of hope for him, since this year his movies didn’t have a impressive run at box office. He is paired with his lucky heroine Kavya Madhavan and what more can one ask for? Another note for historians is that Kavya is a non-Meera heroine in a Lohi movie after a long time!

We admire Lohithadas the scriptwriter but Lohithadas the director doesn’t have a very good track record. He looking must be looking forward to set the record straight.

His movies are very relalistic and the characters are well etched out and we are sure Dileep and Kavya will get lot of opportunity for histronics in this one. With Ramzan movies not faring very well in the box office, and not much competition around, if this movie offers a decent fare, it will do well.

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