Chintamani Kola Case


STARING: Suresh Gopi,Rekha, Sai Kumar, Murali, Manoj.K.Jayan, Siddique,Sukumari,Biju Menon, Manianpilla Raju, TP Madhavan, Baburaj, Bheeman Raghu, Biju Pappan, Ram Mohan, Vinayakan, Bhavana, Aiswarya, Aswathi, Nikhila, Benazir, Madhuri, Nisha, Jisna, Vani Viswanath, Poornima

MUSIC: Shaan

DIRECTOR: Shaji Kailash


It may not be the most thought provoking movie, but it is vibrant, dynamic and authentic. Having said that, ordinary moviegoers will find a lot of things in the movie hard to digest. But they can still merry on Shaji Kailas’s skillful direction and Suresh Gopi’s superb performance.

Lal Krishna (Suresh Gopi) is an advocate who takes only the side of culprits in the verge of prosecution, turns the case upside down by finding loopholes with his sharp mind and wins the case for them. After winning the case, without leaving a trace, he kills his client; to bring full justice by giving death penalty to the culprit. Likewise he takes up the Chintamani Kola Case as well.

In Chintamani Kola Case, 9 medical college students who called themselves ‘Mirchi Girls’ were accused of ragging and killing their junior student Chintamani. There was enough evidence to prove them guilty but once again Lal Krishna manages to free them and in the process he realize that the real culprit is someone else and rest of the story is how he find the culprit and gives his ‘voice of justice’.

The movie is much more technically inclined than all of Shaji Kailas films. Every frame has Kerala’s most technically proficient director’s stamp over it. Shaji Kailas is slowly regaining his lost throne.

Suresh Gopi was advised to re-invent himself, if he has to survive in the industry–that is exactly what he did in this film. Suddenly there is a new Suresh Gopi in town who is ready to experiment within the limitations of his genera of films.

The casting was perfect for the movie. Whether it is Bhavana as Chintamani, Thilakan as her father and Saikumar in the advocate’s role and even the ‘Mirchi Girls’. Thilakan and Saikumar were excellent. So was Kalabhavan Mani who seems to have realized that he can make as much impact in a small role as playing a hero. The cinematography was first-class and so was the editing

Part of the film is loosely based on a true story and part of it is a lift off from some old Hollywood flick. It has got everything (except for a good climax, perhaps) that you want from a Suresh Gopi film. But the violence is too much for the family audience. On the whole, the movie is much better than the so-called entertainers among the Vishu release.

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