chocaCast: Prithviraj, Jayasuriya, Roma, Samvritha Sunil, Lalu Alex, Rajan P. Dev, Salim Kumar, Anoop Chandran, Bindu Panikkar, Gaythri, Shanu, Prem, Mini Arun, Shari

Direction: Shafi
Music: Alex Paul




Shafi has made a Chocolate with all-important flavours required to entice the audiences. It has romance, humour, sentiments, and rhythmic songs, all in right proportions.

We have often seen comedy scenes in films where a guy enters a women’s hostel or a women’s shop or a college. This time we have our hero doing a full time PG course in a women’s college. Prithviraj plays Shyam who is admitted to a women’s college. With nine suspensions in his academic career and seven police cases, none of the colleges are interested in giving admission to Shyam for his higher studies. Shyam’s mother Vanaja (Vanitha) helps him get admitted to a women’s college, by requesting her friend and principal of the college (Sari), to admit Shyam for a MA (English) course. Shyam is hesitant in joining the college; however on the suggestions of his advisors, Pappan (Salim Kumar) and Ranjith (Jaya Surya), he finally enters into the campus of the St. Mary’s women’s college.

But if you are wondering that how can a man get admission to a women’s college, the University rules permits boys to get admitted to the PG courses of the college. Parents Teacher Association (PTA) led by Das (Rajan P. Dev)chocolate are opposed to the decision of permitting Shyam into the college. There is a reason behind Das’s opposition! His daughter Nandana (Samvrutha) is studying in the college and his other daughters, who studied in co-educational colleges, had eloped with their boyfriends.

A gang of girls, headed by Ann Mathew (Roma), Nandana, and Annama (Ramya Nambisan), dislike the entry of Shyam in their college; ignorant of Shyam’s past, they try every possible way to get rid of him from their college. On the other hand, Shyam’s friend, Ranjith, who is in love with Nandana, wants Shyam to help him win his love. Will Shyam continue his studies, at least in this college?

Upcoming Prithviraj is in full form and has proven his skills yet again, delivering an outstanding performance as Shyam. Roma has done a good job. Samvrutha and Ramya Nambisan are ok. Jayasurya is excellent. Salim Kumar excels in his role of Pappan.

chocolateShafi’s first release of the year, Mayavi, was a blockbuster; this is his second great movie of the year. The script is the strong point for the film, which offers several hilarious sequences in the first half. Cinematography by Azaghappan is outstanding. Music by Alex Paul to the songs penned by Vayalar Sarathchandra is excellent. ‘Ishtamalle’ is a catchy song.

This youthful film is a full-length entertainer, which is sure to rock at the box office.

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