Cocktail malayalam movie review

Movie : Cocktail
Rating : 3/5
Banner : Galaxy Films
Cast : Jayasurya, Samvrutha Sunil, Anoop Menon, Kani, Dinesh, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Innocent and Others
Music : Alphonse
Cinematography : Pradeep Nair
Producer: Milan Jaleel, Anoop Menon
Director: Arun Kumar
Released Date: October 23, 2010

A remake tale, the story begins with the life of the happy couple Ravi Abraham (anoop) and his beautiful wife Parvathy (samvrutha). Life goes on normally for them until one day their daughter gets kidnapped. The ordinary couple doesn’t realize what is happening and in comes a stranger by the name of Venkatesh (jayasurya). Claiming the daughter is in his custody, Venkatesh begins to assign tasks to Ravi and Parvathy much to their shock. However, the couple takes up those daunting assignments even though they will put their lives at stake. What happens after that forms the rest of the story.

The director has come up with a remake story and he has not budged an inch from the original. However, both the presentation and narrative have been worthy. The dialogues were neat, the script was simple and the screenplay was well crafted. Background score added to the tension and the songs were okay. Cinematography was appealing. editing was alright. Costumes were neat and the art department was realistic. Anoop Menon came up with an apt performance and was convincing. Samvrutha was effective and she made her presence felt. The real show stealer was Jayasurya who gave a gripping performance, Suraj and Innocent tried their attempts to bring few smiles. The others didn’t have much to offer.

The film happens to be the remake of the Canadian super hit movie ‘Butterfly on the wheel’ which had the iconic Pierce Brosnan in the lead. True to the original, the makers didn’t hesitate to do a lift and shift process barring one or two scenes which were added. The film manages to capture the audience attention due to the standard technical effects and also some fine performances. The only reason it suffers is if the viewer has seen the original then there is nothing left for them. At the box office, some publicity will take it to a profit grossing level. For now, it is above average for sure.

verdict : Thrilling, can be watched…

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