’Cocktail’ races to climax

The debut directorial venture of Priyadarshan’s editor Arunkumar titled ‘Cocktail’ is continuing with its shoot at Kochi. The movie’s shooting will complete with few more scenes to be pictured on the protagonists played by Jayasuriya, Anoop Menon and Samvrutha Sunil.

Planned as an edge of the seat thriller, the movie will tell the story of three strangers who come to a city restaurant and meet each other, to land into some of the biggest twists in their life.

‘Cocktail’ is also produced by its lead artists Jayasuriya and Anoop Menon, based on the latter’s story. He is Ravi Abraham in the movie, the vice-president of an MNC, while Samvritha Sunil plays his wife Parvathi. Innocent, Kalpana, Suraj Venjaramoodu and Fahad Fazil are also in the movie cinematographed by Pradeep Nair.

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