cycleCast:    Vineet Sreenivasan, Bhama, Sandhya, Vinu Mohan
Direction:    Johnny Antony
Music:   Biji Bal,

Mejo Joseph.




Eureka! Malayalam commercial cinema has atlast found a new Cycle to ride with a set of talented and fresh youngsters. Three cheers to director Johnny Antony, script writer James Albert, and the youth brigade of Vineeth Sreenivasan, Vinu Mohan, Bhama and Sandhya, for riding a winner!

Cycle has the right ingredients that go to making it a joy ride- brand new youthful actors with freshness who can carry a show on their tender shoulders, a story and screenplay which is refreshing and racy, peppy music, situational comedy, all this packaged as a family entertainer that will appeal to all ages.

All the action takes place in a upmarket shopping mall ‘City Centre’ in Kochi. Our lead actors are all working in shops in this mall. Meet Roy (Vineeth Sreenivasan), a young man coming from a poor family working ‘Kausthubhan Financiers’ run by ‘Blade’ Kausthubhan (Jagathy Sreekumar). His best friend is Sanju (Vinu Mohan) a taxi-driver’s son who is bitter about life as he a aspiring fast bowler was denied a place in the Kerala Ranji cricket team and works in a electronic shop in the mall.

Marvel Travels is another establishment which functions in the same complex, opposite Kausthubhan Financiers where Johnny’s dream girl Annie (Bhama) works. Roy has developed a liking for Annie. Meenakshi (Sandhya),cycle who is the daughter of Kausthubhan, is a frequent visitor to the mall who is mad about Sanju, who has no time for her!

On a New Year eve, life takes a new twist for the buddies as they are forced to loot from Kausthubhan Financiers to save Annie’s brother. They loot nearly Rs 2 crore and have Kausthubhan and his brothers-in-law (Sai Kumar, Cochin Haneefa, Sadique) hot on their heels, as they cannot go to the police as the entire amount is black. The chase begins leading to more twists, and finally natural justice prevails.

The director brings about the message part of the film by highlighting the importance of team spirit, ethics and sacrifice to the core, which is the films emotional core that works with the audiences. The writer and director have been able to conceive a slickly packaged comedy caper with a bit of suspense. Mercifully the film keeps to its track and does not aspire to be anything more than a fluffy entertainer.

Vineeth Sreenivasan is a scream and holds the film together. He is super energetic and has good comedy timing. His body language, dialogue deliverycycle and style are a xerox of his father Sreenivasan. Singing his own songs, with gleeful, no holds barred abandon, he hops, skips and jumps his way into the audience’s heart. Vinu with his smashing good looks, impressive dialogue delivery is equal foil to Vineeth and their on-screen chemistry makes the film work Bhama is coy and just ok, while Sandhya in the limited role given to her is sparkling and bubbly. All the others in the supporting cast like Jagathy, Murali, Sai Kumar, Haneefa, Shammi Thilakan are adequate for the roles assigned to them.

The camera of Shaji and his takings are first class giving the film a racy feel to it. Another highlight is Majo’s music with the Singapore picturised song among the three being the pick of the lot. On the whole everything has blended well to make a neat 2 hours 15 minutes racy entertainer, that will keep you engrossed.

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