D Company Review


The trend of anthologies started with Kerala Café and recently, 5 Sundarikal was well appreciated. What makes D Company different from the rest is the link that connects the stories – crime. The omnibus has three stories; all based on various facets of crime and is essentially a mind game. Now, as it always happens in movies of this kind, two of them (Vinod Vijayan’s Day of Judgement and M Padmakumar’s Bolivian Diary) are pretty interesting, while Diphan’s Gangs of Vadakkumnathan fails to impress.

Day of Judgement features a doctor played by Fahadh Faasil, Bhama as his ailing wife and Tanushree Ghosh as a cop. The doc is accused of his wife’s death and linked to another murder as well. Now, the cat and mouse game begin and it’s all about who thinks faster. More info can spoil your fun.

Fahadh Faasil, who continues to amuse the viewers with his versatility, is terrific in his role as a doctor who has been framed by the cops. Vinod Vijayan shows his potential in this one.

Bolivian Diary is the usual Naxalite story, with lots of clichés and routine statements of the genre and is even an extension of a character in the director’s earlier venture, Shikkaar.

M Padmakumar shows his talents as a director who can narrate sensitive themes, as he has done in the past with films like Vaasthavam and Vargam, and gives the viewers some reason to sit glued on to the screen. Samuthirakkani is good and surprisingly, Asif Ali is fine too.

Gangs of Vadakkumnathan is actually a parody with crime as the backdrop. A Bangalore based multimillionaire named Ajay Mallya (you know the inspiration from the name itself) is killed one night. Now comes a super cop named Akbar (Anoop Menon), who talks like any of those superhuman characters in Ranjith-Mohanlal films.

He traps the underworld gangs in Thrissur pretty easily and walks away in style. The only good thing about this misadventure, scripted by Anoop Menon, is Jayasurya’s superb performance as a goonda named ‘Varaal’ Jaison.

That is one good, one okay and one disappointment in the three-film anthology called D Company. Now, the choice is yours!

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