Daddy Cool

Daddy-CoolLet’s admit it…..Films can be made watchable, even though they does not offer a genuine strong storyline. ‘Daddy Cool’ is one such effort from the debutante Aashiq Abu planned with trendy costumes, bright colours and amazing visuals. Had it been decorated with a thick screenplay, it would have ended up as an eminently watchable fare. For now, it has the chic packaging, peppy songs and racy first half which may cater to youth and family.

The movie doesn’t have that multi layered story, but is a simple tale about Antony Simon, a laid back officer in the crime Branch, who is more interested in spending time with his son, watching cricket on television. He is often a ridicule for his easy going attitude, even for his wife Annie who is much worried about Antony’s languorous attitudes, which even fetch him a suspension. But for his son Adi, Antony is the super hero officer, who is into any dashing thrills and commotion at any given moment. He projects it to his friends and expects his daddy to fulfill his aspirations. One night after a movie, they happen to save the international cricketer Srikanth from the attack of a gang of goons thereby igniting further troubles. But the father – son duo are ultimately forced to prove themselves at a point, when everything is going beyond their control into a terribly wrong path.

The movie’s screenplay by the director himself seems (inspired from films like ”Breakup”) and the dialogues by Bipinchandran are quite average. There are big loopholes in the scripts through which even a train can pass. And the proceedings and encounters in the second half lacks the needed thrill and kill, expected of the movie that starts so well. But these shortcomings are made better by the excellent star cast and good takings.

Weaved around Mammootty, one of the very bankable actor of South India, it is hard to loose meat from a character that may seem less in integrity. He keeps it believable, though the character struggles from inane family woes, and writer’s block. He makes his effortless ways through light humor and simpler dialogues, and offer some best moments in the few scenes that demands emoting. The Mollywood debutant Richa Pallod (of Shajahan fame) looks exceptionally beautiful and makes a good pair with stylishly adorned Mammootty though the lip-sync is often unnatural. Master Dhananjay as Aadi is likable and mesmerizing without any heavy dialogues and overacting. He daddy100809_1makes significant appeal althrough the movie.

The highlights of the movie is definitely the technical sides, with cinematographer Samir Thahir (after his much acclaimed debut in ‘Big B’) creating another splendour with rich  interiors. His camera sets the tone, pans the landscapes in a beautiful way with properly graded tones against contrasting scenescapes. The art director Suresh Kollam has have worked his heart out with a theme based colour schemes and set designs. His ensemble works are a treat to watch giving rich and elegant looks to the movie. Another techie to be mentioned is editor V Sajan, who has also done the best of the cuts to make it a decent movie. Musician Biji Bal has came up with a couple of good tracks including the title track, “Daddy, super Daddy” which is also at the top of hit chart and children’s lips.

Stylish from the word go, the movie has turned up as a refreshingly lighter and different attempt by the debutante director, when compared with the regular sentimental family movies. Have a look at it, at least for its technical brilliance and different narrative patterns.

Banner:    Ananya films
Cast:    Mammootty, Richa Pallod, Bijumenon,
Ashish Vidyarthy, Vijayaraghavan, Raadhika, Saikumar
Direction:    Aashiq Abu
Production:    Alwin Antony

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