David and Goliath Movie Review

Genre: Family Thriller

Director: Rajeev Nath

Lead Actor: Anoop Menon, Jayasurya, Soumya

Composer: Gopi Sunder

Release Date: February 22nd, 2013

Producer: Sudeep Karat, Arun MC

Banner: Sal Roza Motion Pictures & Line Of Colors

‘Beautiful’ and ‘Trivandrum Lodge’ has made Jayasuriya and Anoop Menon as the most demanded pair on the Mollywood circuit. And whenever they join together expectations are naturally quite high. But their latest in ‘David and Goliath’ fails to keep the quality of their earlier flicks in terms of scripts and pacing, and maintains a lower scale to tell a tale that needed a much bigger canvas.

The movie has Jayasuriya as David, an orphan brought up by a priest named father Jerald,(P Balachandran) in his little church at the interiors of Wagamon. A simpleton who is very good at heart, David is a fast learner who fears to express himself in public. This timid youngster who also have a bleeding nose when yielding to fear, but displays an unparallelled finesse in creating machines. His many big inventions started with a heater for father Jerald and a self running generator. When Fr.Jerald dies following a snake bite and a Bengali millionaire comes up to buy the tea estate and the land surrounding the church, David and the sexton Outha(Indrans) is ousted of the church. But a planter Sunny Ulahannan, who lost much of the money in business, accidentally takes note of David’s inventions and bring him home to reap a big fortune from his ideas. Sunny’s wife Deepa and only daughter Twinkle but couldn’t agree with Sunny’s greedy intentions which forms the rest of the movie.

This time Anoop has settled for a story line that hardly talks about infidelity issues and dialogues here are quite decent and with dignity. But this movie somehow losses the charm with a seemingly half baked script lines that is unwarrantably stretched. The movie has story that could have been told in just 45 minutes and when it is stretched without any notable number of characters, each of the halves appear hollow. Moreover, the characterization of David is little perplexing, even giving a feel of mentally retarded at times, though it is stated in the opening reels that he is an intelligent boy capable of scoring a cent percent marks in exams. Anoop’s Sunny is no big Goliath here who always shows an humanness at heart and get reformed in the earliest demanded moment, avoiding any proverbial fight at any point. The later half and the climax could have been a more impressive one, has the scribe added a few more characters in the frames and made it in a bigger canvas..

As of now, ‘David and Goliath’ is not a bad film but one with impressive production values. The major highlight being Jithu Damodhar’s camera which captures the greener pastures of Wagamon as never before. In fact the editor Xian seems to be in great strain to accommodate more of the best made shots which indeed has resulted in a slower pacing of the movie. Jayasuriya is first rate as David, and the role feels like an extension of his Abdhu of Trivandrum lodge’. Anoop Menon,BalaChandran , Indrans, Anumol and Soumya are fine in their roles. The two songs by Ratheesh Vega are also good. The opening titles and the total production design also desire accolades. Altogether this Rajeev Nath film is much better than his previous endeavours in production values. Had it been with a more convincing plot, the movie could have made big money and applauds at the Box Office.

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