Director: Jithu Joseph
Producer: Mahi
Cast: Suresh Gopi,Sindhu Menon,Jagathy Sreekumar, Sai Kumar, Babu Namboodiri, Devan, Baiju, Cochin Haneefa, Madhu Warrier, Freddi, Joy, Prem Prakash, Augustine, Subair, J Pallasseri, Kalabhavan Prachod, Kuttikkal Jayachandran, Ponnamma Babu, Cherthala Lalitha
Music: SP Venkitesh

It is true that by itself the film ‘Detective’ is quite passable, but creating many characters for the sole intention of making them suspects and in the end making an unsuspected character a genius killer— isn’t this the exact underlying theme of almost all the C.B.I films?

Jithu Joseph’s debut as a director is commendable but he failed as a writer in ‘Dectective’. It is not his fault entirely, though; previous crime thrillers have already implemented the various techniques to puzzle the audience till the end. So whatever he did can only be perceived as a copy of previous such films. Themovie is far from path-breaking and the huge responsibility of enthralling the audience— that is what did him in the end.

Clearly, it is not a genre that a newcomer can start off with. If you remember correctly, couple of years ago another newcomer Satish Paul, made one such attempt with ‘Finger Print’ and failed miserably, even though he had a reputed writer in Siddiqe.

Noted young political leader Mohan Kumar (Suresh Gopi) is fighting by-election for the parliament and one day his wife Reshmi (Sindhu Menon) is found dead. Reshmi left a suicide note saying that she is doing so because of her husband’s tormenting. Mohan Kumar is arrested and is send to jail.

The Chief Minister had special interest in the case as he was very fond of Mohan Kumar. The suspicious circumstances prompted him to order an inquiry. Reshmi’s father Prabhakaran Thampi, who was convinced that Mohan kumar is behind his daughter’s death saw red. Thinking that Mohan will escape easily, if any other person investigate, he by influencing the opposition leader, forces the Government to hand over the investigation to Shyam Prasad (Suresh Gopi in double role), an efficient investigator and Mohan Kumar’s step-brother.

He did this because he knows that Shyam Prasad absolutely hated Mohan, who is his father’s illegitimate son. But what Prabhakaran Thampi didn’t foresee was Shyam Prasad’s dedication to his work and that he will go to any extend to bring out the truth.

We were rest assured that Suresh Gopi could handle such roles with ease; it came true for both the roles he played. But the director could have done away with some the protagonist’s side-kicks; Madhu Warrior once again displayed his wooden acting skills. The comedy track by Jagathy in first half, obviously to add some lighter moments to this serious plot, was also unwanted. The background score of the film is good, so is the cinematography.

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