Dileep injured in the sets

Falling to injury during work and practice has now become a regular event not only for the sportstars, but also for the filmi stars. In the last couple of years, we have reported many such incidents involving Mammootty, Mohanlal and other lead actors.

And now it is Janapriyanayakan Dileep who is reported to have faced an accident at the set of his new film ‘Orma Mathram’ in Ealoor Market. The movie which is continuing with its second and final schedule had a bomb blast scene which was planned in the market premises. Now it is reported that while shooting the bomb blast scene for the film, the star has been hit by a small shell. The injury is not of any panicking proportions and the actor continued with his shoot after getting some first aids.

The bomb blast scene in ‘Orma Mathram’ is of pivotal importance as the movie tells the plight of a father played by Dileep who is on a search for his only son who disappears after the big explosion. Priyanka is the heroine of the movie directed by Madhu Kaithapram who has earlier direct important films like ‘Ekaantham’ and ‘Madhyavenal’.

Dileep had earlier been into many risky scenes including the one in ‘Inspector Garud’ when the entire crew stood standstill as the actor got immersed in the waters and was not found for some minutes.

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