Director falls in love with Meera Nandan

Debutant filmmaker Chellamuthu, who is directing a film titled ‘Suriya Nagaram’ which has Meera Nandan as the heroine, has fallen in love with the actress and has also proposed to her.

“I was impressed by Meera’s good heart and discipline while working with her for ‘Suriya Nagaram’. So I expressed my heart to her over phone one day”, a Tamil tabloid quoted the director as saying.

He added: “She refused my proposal saying her parents had already fixed her marriage with someone else. Following this, I wished her all the best and stopped thinking about the issue. But she is spreading it to everyone in the unit”.

Denying his allegations, Meera Nandan reportedly said, “It’s true that Chellamuthu proposed to me. But I told it only to mother and to no one else. There is no truth in the director’s claim. I am trying to forget the issue”.

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