Director playing a different tune in ‘Fiddle’

Prabhakaran Muthana’s Fiddle. Prabhakaran Muthana’s Fiddle. MALAYALAM: ‘‘Fiddle will not be a corny love story stacked with cliched emotional sequences’’, promises Prabhakaran Muthana, the director of the new release, ‘Fiddle’. ‘‘The film is not just about relationships. An eventful and interesting plot and melodious music feature as the highlights of the film,’’ says the director.

Fiddle is the maiden film of Prabhakaran Muthana, who is also the director of Southern Film institute, Thiruvallom. The film revolves around the relationship between the main protagonist Sandeep, an aspiring musician and Gayathri, the rich and beautiful daughter of a planter. The plot unravels when Sandeep and his friends arrive at a picturesque, hilly village to stage a music programme. Tension and conflict ensue as Sandeep and his friends happen to find themselves embroiled in an intrigue.

‘‘The film is not a sweetened romantic tale. It also casts a satiric eye at some of the degrading social and family values. The comic element in the film never barges on the narrative and in fact goes along well with the progression of the plot,’’ says Prabhakaran.

The film has Varun J Thilak and Ananya in the lead roles. Jagathy Sreekumar, Jagadish, Salimkumar and Premkumar add a comic tinge to the narrative. The director says that the narrative has been so designed to attract family viewers. ‘‘Fiddle is essentially a family entertainer. Hence the narrative has been purged even of the slightest element of vulgarity’’.

The music of the movie has been composed by S Jayan and RameshSasi. ‘‘The songs in this film are redolent of the nostalgic air of 70s and 80s. Music is an inevitable part of Fiddle,’’ says Prabhakaran.

The film is released under the banner of N-haaa Munna Creations.

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