Doctor Love Movie Review

When you buy a ticket for K Biju’s Dr.Love, be ready to get into a world where nothing but romance exists.

In the end, it would have been fine if the storyline prompted the viewer to feel the beauty of love but actually it makes you bored, after a while.

Vinayachandran (Kunchacko Boban) is an unsuccessful novelist, who specializes in ‘the how to woo the girl of your choice’ kind of books on romance. Sometime later, he gets a job as a waiter in a college canteen and soon after he starts playing cupid to quite a number of loving hearts. Quite obviously, he becomes the “hero of the college” and the students christen him as ‘Dr.Love-the romance consultant’.

Now, one of the challenges before him is to make the brash ‘campus devil’ Ebin (Bhavana) fall in love with the quiet boy Roy (Hemanth). Dr.Love starts working on his plan but now the story takes some dramatic twists and turns. If you have watched the original or at least one of the many versions of the Will Smith starrer Hitch, you would have guessed what is going to happen next, by now.

Debutant director Biju, who is also the scenarist, tries to make his film sound a bit too serious than what it actually is but end up doing a pretty ordinary job. With a plot that is silly and outdated, the film makes you cringe most of the times. Shaji’s visuals and Vinu Thomas’ music perhaps just about suits the mood at best.

Kunchacko Boban looks fine, but then this is exactly the kind of role that he has been doing right from the beginning of his career. Bhavana too has a role that matches with her branded style. It’s the same story again for Innocent and Bindu Panicker, who are playing teachers in the college. Ananya has nothing much to do in the whole film.

The young cast which includes Bhagath Manuel, Hemanth, Manikkuttan, Rajith Menon, Shravan, Vidya Unni and Nimisha has clichéd roles that are usually seen in every stereotyped campus movies in Malayalam. It’s quite surprising to see Salim Kumar still doing tasteless comic scenes, even after getting the National and State awards for his stunning performance in Adaminte Makan Abu.

In almost every film in Malayalam, with a college campus as the backdrop, we come across the routine scenes and characters. Romance, canteen, comic teachers, an obese girl, song n dance, eventful college days and so on!

Dr.Love tries to present all those masala once again, but it looks amateurish to the core. Watch it at your own risk please.

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