Endukante Premanta Movie Review

Movie : Endukante Premanta
Banner: Sri Sravanthi Movies.
Cast: Ram, Tamannah, and others
Art: AS Prakash
Editing: Kotagiri Venkateswar Rao
Cinematography: Andrew
Music: GV Prakash
Producer: Ravi Kishore
Story-Screenplay-Direction: Karunakaran
CBFC rating: U


Story: The story is a plain story and Karunakaran had added fictitious touch of souls and rebirth. Going in to detail, Srinidhi (Tamannah) and Krishna (Ram) love each other but do not express. And in an unfortunate twist, they lose their lives. In their rebirth, Tamannah (Sravanthi) is the daughter of Indian Hidh Commisioner in UK. And in the pursuit of freedom from security, she runs away from home and comes to know about a major security glitch of his father. The goons attacks her and tries to kill her in an accident. She goes to coma and her soul roams around her father for help. No one in the world except Ram (Ram) hears her and sees her. What Ram did to save her forms the actual story.


Ram had shown tremendous ease in dances and fights, as always. In addition, with the help of director Karunakaran, he was able to showcase good comedy in his role. He improved his body language a lot and bettered in histrionics. All the action scenes were quite stylish. His costumes were good and his look id quite refreshing.

Tamannah stole the show in the film. She is drop dead gorgeous and steals your heart with her beauty. Her emotions are apt and in perfect quantity. She doesn’t over act or underplay her role anywhere.She has evolved as an actress from the time audience saw her from her previous films.. She is unbelievably cute and the director presented her splendidly beautiful in every frame. She is sure to win her thousands of new fans with this film. Her expressions in the second half is iconic and reference worthy for all the other import heroines.

Technical Performance:

Karunakaran is a director who maintains perfect balance story and screen play. He chose a complex story this time which revolves around rebirth and souls which he could not conceive properly. There were several conceptual glitches in the story too. The placement of songs is absurd and disrupts the flow of story many a time, Dialogues are good in parts. Music by GV Prakash is average. The background score should have been better. Cinematography by Andrew is very good. He explored Swiss locales well. Action episodes by Peter Heins (mostly inspired by Korean Movies) are good though look forced in the movie. Editing is adequate. Visual effects in songs are commendable.

Final word:

The story is quite complex and Karunakaran had failed to execute it properly. The movie lacks entertainment which makes the audience restless many a times. He failed to understand what audience expect from a Ram movie and made a mess. He could have got a minimum guarantee movie if he had utlizied Ram’s enrgy. Unfortunately, that did not happen. This movie is mainly aimed at A class audience who also does n’t seem to get convinced with it. The Box office potential of the movie is in serious doubt. This is so far, the worst work of Karunakaran till date.

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