Fahad in the right track

After a forgettable debut a decade ago in his father’s movie ‘Kaiyetthum Doorathu’, young star Fahad Fazil is finally in the right track. He is undoubtedly leading a range of new generation film makers with innovative concepts and ideas, becoming their favourite lead actor. This was more than evident in ‘Chappa Kurisu’ and ‘Cocktail’, which told some very different tales, though inspired from foreign movies. Suddenly emerging as the busiest young actor in the circle, Fahad’s immediate release will be the movie with Sreenivasan in ‘Padmashree Bharath  Dr. Saroj Kumar’ in which he will appear in the role of a movie director. He has also been the leading star in Shalini Usha Nair’s offbeat movie ‘Akam’ a take on Malayatoor’s ‘Yakshy’.

Fahad’s big project in the pipeline includes ‘Diamond Necklace’ directed by Lal Jose and ’22 Female Kottayam’ the latest by Aashiq Abu. Both the movies will get completed in the first quartet of the year, after which Fahad will join his first comedy movie ‘Thamarasseri to Thailand’.

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