‘Gangster’ soon after the completion of ‘Da Thadiya’

Aashiq Abu who is spearheading the trend of new generation movies in Mollywood is all set to start his pending movie ‘Gangster’ soon after the completion of his project on production ‘Da Thadiya’. With Mammootty as the hero, Aashiq had been fine tuning the scripts of ‘Gangster’ for two years to make it a different underworld movie. Aashiq is planning to position it as one of the very different don movie ever to have witnessed in Mollywood.

Meanwhile, the pre production works of his ‘Da Thadiya’ is gaining steam. The movie which will have relatively fresh faces of DJ Shekhar and Sreenath Bhasi as the heroes, will tell a plot about the lifestyles of fat and obese people of the state. Aashiq will present a funny song with the lyrics Lokam Undayanu Bhai, Buddhy mandayilaanu bhai,…… NJaaninganeyaanu bhai, athilenthaanu bhai (The world is a round,brother….. Brain is in the head,brother………… I am just like this, brother…….. What is the problem in it, brother?) Which will be the central theme of the movie. Aashiq Abu is planning to start the shoot for the movie by this September and to present it on theatres by this December itself.

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