Gowtam SSC


Cast:Navadeep, Sindhu Tolani, Madhu Sharma

Direction:Arun Prasad

Production:Reddy CCMusic:Anoop



Though the title and approach to the subject bear the similarities of any ordinary campus love story, the film takes a different route altogether with tight screenplay and impressive dialogue, for narration of a simple theme, woven around an unassuming role of a SSC passed student Goutham (Navdeep). His innate qualities, respect and love for the other members of his family put him above all other persons in the house. But the film never keeps the rest of the family members in low profile, nor the other brothers and their wives play villainy. The only time the family gets disturbed is when this boy’s hasty act puts the family into a fix, casting doubts on the integrity of his IAS father Sambhu Prasad (Nassar). Director Arun Prasad keeps in view throughout its run, sense and sensibility in narration, retaining the entertainment element. Navdeep, the four film-old, honey-eyed, young man, finds a suitable role with built-in structure of hot and cold drama. But the strength of the film is that it carries plenty of sentiment leading to tear jerking scenes at times in the latter part of the drama, where the drama is intensified.

Goutham, the youngest son of a district collector Sambhu Prasad, has elder brothers Manoj and Neeraj, a mother and a sister. But he is more attached to the couple Bhanu (Bhanupriya) and Kondal Rao (Prithvi), staying in a house opposite theirs. This couple is childless and treats Goutham as their own boy. Bhanu becomes a positive force in moulding the character of Goutham. Goutham is mischievous and some acts of the boy display his lack of interest on studies disturbing the psyche of his father. He wanted his son to become IAS, as his other two sons are in other professions. The lack of discipline of Gowtham becomes a problem when the boy recklessly forgeries the signature of his father on a blank paper at the instance of his father’s PA (Chinna), who says that a letter with his father’s signature is needed to help a poor family in dire need. But the mischief played by the PA leads to the arrest of his father, after his house is searched by ACB. Sambhuprasad throws Goutham out of his house. And the other two sons with their wives also leave the house as they are looked down upon as sons of corrupt collector and their business is effected. Thus a situation is set for Goutham, to prove that he is so competent than all the members of the family by first removing that blot on the family, to render his brothers and sisters-in-law realize how good he is and then he himself becoming an IAS topper of that year, under the guidance of a professor, played by Viswanath.img241/7194/gowtham2xx0.jpg
It is an interesting drama we did not witness in recent times. The element is message oriented for boys of this age group who lead a reckless life. It also tries to tell us of other ways that a person can become ‘great’. There is some escapism in scenes showing the boy Goutham designing a motor bike carborator of low petrol consumption that catapults him to the highest level in the world of automobile engineering. So is the case when he is projected as a gold medal winning topper in IAS. One advantage is that all the artistes are relatively new or unfamiliar, because of which we see that characters not artistes. Music is refreshing. This is one of those films that project the team spirit in performing roles. Yet, Nassar, Navdeep and Bhanupriya get projected well by their fine performances.

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