Happy Happy Ga – Review

Cast: Varun Sandesh, Vega, Saranya Mohan, Bommali Ravi, Ali, M.S. Narayana, Raja Sridhar, Melkote, Ranjitha, Telangana Sakuntala and others.
Banner: Ocean Films
Many directors have experimented on love subjects with different kind of narration. However, only few directors could make the audiences taste the real feel of love on the screen. Now, Priya Saran who made debut as director has proved that a director should have grip on the subject and have the ability to visualise it by himself before presenting it on the screen. Despite poor performance by some of the artistes, he was able to make the audiences enjoy the taste of love on the screen, by reaping good emotions with his ability.

Santosh (Varun) is an orphan. He runs an office called Cartoons, which hands over gifts, compliments, bouquets to people if some orders to do so. On behalf of such people ‘Cartoons’ hand over their wishes to the needy. Once, Santosh meets a couple (MS Narayana and Rajitha), who ask him to invite their niece Puja (Vega), an NRI of UK. Puja gets impressed with his good attitude and behaviour tells him ‘I like you’. But, Santosh decides to make her say ‘I love you’. Santosh pens some 50 love letters and tells Puja that he wrote those love letters for his dream girl. The Priya (Saranya) enters Sanotsh’s life. Story takes twist at this juncture. What happens next should be seen on the screen.

Vega, who had a photogenic face, impresses the audiences not only with her glamour but also with her performance. The entire first half revolves around her as the hero wanted to impress her. Saranya Mohan had a homely look and she has also performed with equal ease. However, her tender look made her appear very young. Varun Sandesh is the only artiste, who failed to reach the expectations. He has failed to show perfect emotions and could not change his body language. He still needs to work heavily on dialogue modulation and histrionics. Had he worked little more hard, the film would have become a super hit. Of course, even otherwise, the film could impress the young audience because of its perfect movement. Other artistes including MS Narayana, Rajitha, Telangana Sakuntala and Bommali Ravi have done justice to their roles.

Cinematography by Venky A Darshan is adequate, while editing by Krishna Reddy is okay. Lyrics by Sirivennela Sitarama Sastry needs compliments as he penned an item song too with good literary values. After a long time, Manisharma has scored very good tunes to all the songs. Choreography is neat sans any vulgarity or exposure of body parts by the heroines. Production values of Oceian Films are good. Director Priya Saran name stands tall among all the technicians.One should appreciate him for narrating skills and the way he handled screenplay should be appreciable.

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