Holidays Movie Review

Cast: Vinoo Mohan, Sudheesh, Beyone, Rejith Menon, Harishree Ashokan, Anoop Chandran, Kalabhavan Mani, Muktha, Priyalal, Nimisha
Direction: Atlas Ramachandran

‘Holidays’ is another attempt from the batch of youngsters to make a mark in commercial Mollywood. But the movie itself remains the biggest example for those who like to point out reasons for why these stars can’t remain safe in the industry, if they move on with this kind of selections and standards.

Here we have Vinoo Mohan as Alby with a weird hairdo. He, with his lover Janet (Muktha), is leading a group of youngsters including Soumithran (Rejith Menon), Sudhi (Sudheesh), Shyam (Beyonne), Veramani (Anoop Chandran) and Riya (Priyalal) from Bangalore to Kochy on a mysterious mission. Little after we realise that they are on an operation to get back the lover (Roopasahri) of Sudhi, who is all set to marry Vinod (Kalabhavan Mani) a tough and sincere police officer.

On the way, they happen to help a fellow passenger Lekha Paul (Shruthi Lekshmi) from a gang of ruffians. But later they find Lekha murdered. The gangs of students now escape to some tea gardens at Munnar, to be followed closely by the murderer and the police. Added in bits and pieces are subplots of gang wars, corrupt cops, Hawala money and even a psychopath with a mask.

You may find this one line a potential one for a thriller-love story. But the amateurish making by Dr M M Ramachandran (Atlas fame, producer of classic movies like Vaishali) and poor script credited to Mohandas hardly impresses with new ridiculous turns and multitude of songs that pops up now and then as dream sequences. The senseless realisations is even evident in the song sequences, with the entire group assembling together to shake their legs every time, in Malaysia.

The struggling young actors of Malayalam are now left at a place where they are forced to take-up any projects that come their way. And this too could be one such project where none of them can treasure any moments of interest for future references, apart from a jovial Malaysian trip. Moreover, their casual attitudes also fail to bring any sort of intensity to the proceedings. Add to their woes is the funny tracks by Harihsree Ashokan and Anoop Chandran that are total failure in eliciting any laughter. So is Vinoo Mohan who is for the first time forced to play a real action hero. But the selection of project to emerge one really fizzles out, dear actor.

In the technical sides, Utpal V Nayanar’s visuals are pretty ordinary but Alex Paul’s musical scores stand better than all other elements in the proceedings.

All in all, this ‘Holidays’ may not be the best thing to engage even on a holiday.

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