How to unlock LG Optimus G Pro

LG Optimus G Pro
1. You can Find the unlock code for your LG G Pro. You know the IMEI no of your phone. You press the *#06# on the dial pad as if making a phone call.

2. You will need this 15 digit numbers to unlock the code.

3. On your web browser, go to

4 Fourth step go to the code lookup section and select your make “LG”

5. Fill the code carefully, and click “look for code”

6. After that enter your IMEI number, it is very important

7. If your IMEI no is found, place your order and it will be emailed to you pricing varies from

model and carrier

8. Send the unlock code your email and unlock code once it is ready average.

9. Switch off your LG Optimus G Pro , use a Pin to remove SIM Tray

10.Insert from SIM card a foreign carrier

11. Power on the your phone, and then SIM Network Unlock pin message show.

12. Enter the 16 digit unlock code.

13. Done

14. Your LG Optimus G Pro will be unlocked.

Benefits of unlocking your phone:

• LG Optimus G Pro with any GSM Network in your country and around the world.

• When travelling, you can avoid expensive roaming fees, by using a local network carrier.

• You will significantly increase the resell value of your phone as it will be available to all carriers.