Remove Your Number from TrueCaller

TrueCaller is a popular reverse phone number lookup mobile app, that shows the details (name and location) of the caller. This app shows the details of anyone who calls, even if their mobile number is not saved on the phone. TrueCaller is the largest online phone book (directory), and your number is easily accessible to others

A few people don’t find this to be of great help, as it automatically shows your name and location to the people whom you are calling (have TrueCaller installed on their phone). When you unlist your mobile number from TrueCaller search directory, your name or phone number will not be shown when searched online with TrueCaller.


Let us learn how to unlist and remove your mobile number on TrueCaller search

Visit “Unlist” page on True Caller official website (You can either go to “Unlist” page directly by clicking over here or go to TrueCaller homepage and select Support and then go to Unlist option.)
Type your number (with +country code) in the input box next to “Unlist Phone Number”
Enter the CAPTCHA verification
Click on Unlist button
It’s done. For now whenever someone searches your mobile number on TrueCaller, your details (name and mobile number) won’t be displayed.