Husbands in Goa Movie Review

Movie : Husbands in Goa
Director : Saji Surendran
Producer : UTV Motion Pictures
Cast : Lal, Jayasurya, Indrajith, Asif Ali, Bhama, Rima, Remya Nambeesan

If you are a fan of the old David Dhawan type of comedies with flirty husbands and their dumb, ready-to-get-deceived kind of wives, director Saji Surendran’s Husbands in Goa can be funny in parts. Now imagine, what can you say about a comedy, which doesn’t make you laugh much?

Govind (Jayasurya) is a chartered accountant, married to Abhirami (Bhama), who is too religious. Jerry (Indrajith) is a lawyer, who is bound to do all household chores, as his wife Teena (Rima Kallingal) is too lazy. Arjun (Asif Ali) is an interior designer by profession, but is forced to prepare for Civil Services by his wife Veena (Remya Nambeeshan).

The three husbands, who were classmates in school, are fed up with their nagging wives and decide to spend some days in Goa. On the way to Goa, the trio becomes friends with an eccentric cinematographer named Sunny Abraham (Lal) and their troubles start from then on.

It seems that the two things, which can make a Malayali viewer laugh the most are adultery and drinking. With enough dose of both, the film can be an okay option for all those interested.

Of course, Krishna Poojappura’s script lacks much imagination and the storyline looks silly as well. Perhaps it is mainly meant for those kinds of viewers who enjoy the boring comedy skits, which comes at least once in every two hours on most TV channels.

Saji Surendran has packaged it well as a brainless comedy. There is a wholehearted effort to make the fans of Mammootty and Mohanlal excited as well, with constant references to their old hits. In fact, one of the highlights of the film is the reappearance of the character Nadar, played by Innocent in No. 20 Madras Mail. The song Pichakappoonkavukalkkumappuram’ has been used for the film to make things live.

Among the characters, only Jayasurya uses his comic bone pretty well. Indrajith is good at times, Lal goes over the top and Asif Ali looks completely lost. The less said about the heroines, the better.

But then, no one seems to take all these too seriously. The film has evidently been inspired from the forgettable Bollywood comedy Shaadi No. 1 or its Telugu original Sandade Sandadi.

You need real skills to find humour in ‘Husbands in Goa’. Go for this one, if you are ready to take such pains.

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