I am in no hurry to marry: Sushmita Sen

The Sen-sational Sushmita who turns an unapologetic 35 on Friday, changed her life and plans this year. Every year, she would bring in her birthday in Goa with her daughter and the man in her life. This year it is Dubai where Sushmita brings in her birthday. This year there is no man on the scene and now there are two daughters instead of one. The two girls, Renee and Alisah, keep the single mom so busy that she has no time for anything as mundane as dating.

So yes, Sushmita has decided to stay supremely single for the time being.

In fact, the Goan birthday holiday was this year relinquished. Instead Sushmita headed for Dubai with her two daughters to be with her mom for her birthday.

Just before leaving, Sushmita said, “It’s going to be an all-girls’ birthday for me this time. Three generations of Sen women, all together. I’m so excited about it.”

When asked about the absence of a man in her life, Sushmita laughed her throaty laughter and said, “At the moment my entire attention is on my two girls. By God’s grace, my elder one Renee is turning into quite an accomplished little lady. As for the newest Sen in the house, Alisah is so bright and inquisitive. My mom says I was exactly like her in my childhood.”

The three girls seem to be having themselves a ball. Men not allowed. In fact, the next man in her life would probably be the one Sushmita marries.

“I’m in no hurry. But I do know marriage will happen only once in my life. Whoever I select will be with me for keeps.”

Interestingly, Sushmita plays a psychotic suspicious wife who wants to kill her husband (Anil Kapoor) in her next release No Problem. Says the actress, “Now that’s a role that could scare you off marriages forever. No but seriously I do believe in the institution of marriage.”

As for turning 35 with pride, Sushmita says, “Is there any point in claiming to be a few years younger? My life and career is an open book. Anyone who has followed my journey from the age that I won the crown (for Miss Universe) would know exactly how old I am. I am very happy to tell the world I am 35 now, that is, for those who are interested in such things.”

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