I love me Movie Review

i love me 1Banner: Vysakh Cinema
Cast: Unni Mukundan, Asif Ali, Vijayakumar, Isha Talwar , Anoop Menon
Direction: B. Unnikrishnan
Production: Vysakh
Music: Deepak Dev

Twist is the name of the game, if you are to create an engaging thriller. This seems to be the catchword of many when they attempt thriller genres. And here we have B Unnikrishnan with an younger cast, but with an overdose of twists after twists. An interesting tale that didn’t but translate into something for fine watching, his ‘I love Me’ is not but a total downer.

The movie has Unni Mukundan as Savy, an youngster who takes up little ‘Quotation’ assignments to make small money. He is living with his mother who doesn’t have the slightest of the clues about what his son is up to. Prem (Asif Ali) is a big time fraud who makes money from fraudulent land deals. Though both of them live in Kochi, they hardly know each other but lands in jail for minor charges. But an unexpected businessman based on Bangkok named Ram Mohan (Anoop Menon) bails them out, for some reasons of his own. He needs the youngsters to do some job at Bangkok for which he offer a big a fat pay check.

Once at Bangkok they are treated well and are given spaces to become thick friends..They are also offered the company of a graceful gal named Samantha (Isha Talwar of Thattathin Marayathu fame), whom they start wooing instantly . But only by the interval of the plot that they realise that their job is to finish each other without any aggravations.

The movie has an average first half with presenting the lead players, but their actual intentions remain mysterious all through that keeps us guessing. But the second half is filled with a lot of turns that appear difficult to comprehend for an average mind. Taking its poor clues from films like ‘Race’ (hindi), each of the characters in the frame are pitted against each other with the plot appearing too plastic at some stages. Anyhow with an energetic younger cast with their stylish looks and attires, wisely choreographed dance and song sequences, and good cinematography by Satheesh Kurup, the movie manages to interest you in few sequences in between. The scripts by Sethu seems moving in a faster manner than demanded and with twists piled up, things go out of hand. Isha Talwar who appear half interesting than her first film, complicated matter with a poor performance, though she appear beautiful all the way, giving a look of ‘Kerala Kathrina Kaif.

Anoop Menon with an uncombed hair, stony face and calculated moves plays to the demands of the role while the youngster Unni Mukundan and Asif Ali are also not out of place They impresses with the youthful vigour , with Unni Mukundan impressing us in the acting sequences. Biju Pappan tries another hand in a lighter role with little success.

All in all, This ‘I Love Me’ is a stylish film with substance that may not impress everyone. Advised for those who are mad fans of twisty thrillers.

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